November 22, 2018: Google Forms Training Session

Introduction If you've been putting off learning Google Forms then it's time to take the plunge.  A free training sessions will take place on NOVEMBER 22ND, 2018 for all Toronto District School Board teachers.   Registration Registration is MANDATORY but also FREE!  It can be completed through:   Sign up for TLT421-A to attend the session led by Michael Barltrop and Brian Harriman.   Resources You will walk away … Continue reading November 22, 2018: Google Forms Training Session

Student Vote in Canadian Classrooms

Student Vote allows students to learn about Canadian democracy by taking part in a mock election.  Through this initiative, students learn about the different parties in their local riding, while also walking through a realistic election process that will prepare them to cast their first official ballot when they read the age of maturity.   … Continue reading Student Vote in Canadian Classrooms