The Creation and Publication Project

The Creation and Publication Project focuses on transforming students by taking their work outside of the classroom.  The full unit gives students a chance to ideate, create, and publish their own work in a safe and comfortable environment.

Creation Project Timeline

When students are challenged to succeed they rise up an demonstrate success.

The full project can be run over the course of a number of weeks, allowing students the opportunity to create something meaningful, and send it out into the world in a variety of fashions.

This project instantly turns your students from consumers to creators.



Articles in the Series

Making Projects Meaningful

Student work so often dies on the teacher’s desk.  A project that took dozens of hours, and led to the creation of a beautiful artefact is handed in, given a mark, and discarded.  Every year hundreds of student hours, per teacher, create meaningful projects only to see them recycled or thrown out, never given a chance at life beyond the classroom walls.

Placing Work into the World

When student work is given life outside the classroom, there is a strong desire to create the very best piece possible, as students will have to own their creation not only in relationship to their peer group, but to the much wider audience.  At the same time, students will learn valuable skills that will prepare them to be creators and producers rather than strict consumers.

The Creation and Publication Assignment

Having looked at a number of ways for students to take their work outside of the classroom, it’s important to give them something that they will want to strive towards.  A project based task that encourages them to discover and work to solve an issue in their own community is a great way to engage your students, and encourage their unique voices.

Connecting the Global Competencies

The Creation and Publication Project was constructed to be in line with the Five Global Competencies that make up the backbone of the TDSB’s Vision for Learning.  You will find a list of those competencies, and their specific look-fors.  Below each of the look-fors you will find Italicized Text that explains how our assignment connects to each of those points.

Creator Spotlights

When focusing on taking student work Out of the Classroom in an effort to make it meaningful, it’s important that students have an opportunity to hear from real-world creators who have gone through the creation process.

Learning that published creators don’t start that way, reaching those heights only by going through their own trails, is an important step in allowing students to realize that their journey is no different than any other successful individual.

A collection of interviews can be found below.  By presenting the interviews with your students they can seek similarities between different creators and highlight what aspects they should prepare for or work around.


Creator Spotlights

Richard Ford Burley – Author

Rob Norman – Author / Actor / Podcaster

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