Homeschooling your Child: Free Teachers' Guide

Nobody ever said it would be easy. At least, no one who was telling the truth. Being a teacher is difficult at the best of times, but being a teacher for your own child, in your own home, every single day? That takes things to an entirely different level.

Homeschooling During COVID-19

A lot of people have just found themselves in the role of teacher for the first time in their life. Sure, we’re always trying to impart wisdom on our children, and we’re always trying to help them find the best in both themselves or others, but now…

Now we have to consider how to teach them about:

Elementary Homeschooling: A Parent’s Guide

Everything You Need to Know

This guide include a daily schedule, unique instructions for creative story telling, five engrossing and engaging lessons, and a wide variety of graphic organizers that can be used by both teachers and students of all ages.

The Schedule

We’re all looking for a way to keep things feeling normal. For a number of us, that means a realistic schedule that we can stick to. The information provided in this guide sets up a daily routine that allows for focused learning time, and also independent play.

The Lessons

There are five lessons contained in this guide.  They can be built upon day after day for student engagement and routine building, or used on their own when time allows.

The lessons cover reading and writing skills, numeracy skills, history, geography, and a wide variety of other topics. There are also unique extension ideas that allow you to cover the entire school year’s curriculum.

Notes on Modifications

Because each of these lessons has been designed through the lens Universal Design for Learning, focusing on skills-based learning, they can be easily modified for students of all ages.

The lessons contained within this guide as just as relevant for high school seniors, as they are for junior kindergarten students and preschoolers.

The Graphic Organizers

It’s one thing to have someone give you ideas of what you should be doing with your students (your children) but it’s another thing entirely to be provided with all the resources you need to put those ideas into practice.

This guide contains a number of professionally made graphic organizers to allow your students to complete a range of tasks for optimal results.

And the best thing?

This guide is FREE for everyone to use. If you would like to follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or make a small Donation, that’s always appreciated. But, as always with materials, they are provided free of charge.

There should never be financial roadblocks that prevent people from bringing quality education to students. A well educated, engaged, and informed society benefits us all.

A Crash Course in Education Theory

For those looking to learn a little more, and who want to learn 95% of what it takes to be an excellent educator, I recommend you take a look at three short articles. Once you understand and internalize these three concepts, you will be prepared to take on any challenge that is presented to you.

WARM Evaluations

WARM evaluations are evaluations that build upon the tenets of Universal Design for Learning, taking four key concepts into consideration during their design and implementation: Welcome student voice, Assessment opportunities, Repetition of skills, Marks into grades

The COAT Method

The COAT Method is a form of lesson planning that implements Universal Design to ensure students are provided opportunities to be: Crafting, On their feet, Actively listening, and Talking to each other.

The ONE Teacher

Everybody has that memory, the one where a teacher made a difference in their life.  Some people will never forget that teacher’s name, nor what that teacher did for them. The ONE teacher is: Open minded, Networking, and Engaged in student interests.