Long gone are the days of teachers asking to borrow binders, and pulling multi-generation photocopies from clear plastic envelopes.

Here, I hope to help increase classroom engagement and student learning through the use of technology, project based learning, and unique high interest topics.

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Teaching with Comics

Prepare your students to put their Key Litearcy Skills into practice by downloading free classroom-ready lesson plans for hot Graphic Novels.

“The reading program should include a wide variety of literary, informational, and graphic texts that engage students’ interest and imagination – for example … comic books.
(The Ontario Curriculum Grades 9 and 10: English 2007, 16)


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Hi! I’m Michael Barltrop, and I’ve been teaching since 2006, integrating Comics, Video Games, and TTRPGs into my classroom. I’ve acted as the head of English, Literacy, and Universal Design. Read more

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