3.06 – The Roundtable Discussion (English Lesson)

Roundtables are formal discussions where students discuss a variety of topics, relating them to their text. Connections should be made using extremely specific examples, as well as direct quotations from their readings. During Roundtable Discussions students should take out their previously provided Roundtable Discussion Sheet. They will have used this sheet to collect a variety … Continue reading 3.06 – The Roundtable Discussion (English Lesson)

3.04 – Lit Circles: Preparing for a Literature Circle (English Lesson)

This class will focus on preparation for the literature circle. There is a school of thought that states students should be prepared to complete these tasks for homework, and come to class ready to participate. And, while there is merit to that, it also fails to address the reality that a number of our students … Continue reading 3.04 – Lit Circles: Preparing for a Literature Circle (English Lesson)

3.03 – Lit Circles: Sustained Reading & The Lines that Stand Out (English Lesson)

When running a literature circle, one of the most important parts is the circle. The other important part, of course, is the literature. To fully engage with the literature students need the most valuable resource of all: time. Sure, you could expect your students to read a chapter or three at home, and you could … Continue reading 3.03 – Lit Circles: Sustained Reading & The Lines that Stand Out (English Lesson)

3.01 – Introducing Literature Circles (English Lesson)

Allowing students to self-select their text is at the very heart of literature circles. Lit circles encourage small groups students to read a text, working through its messages, meanings, and connections together. Whereas traditional class novels force students to engage with texts that might not be relevant to their experiences, literature circles offer choice and … Continue reading 3.01 – Introducing Literature Circles (English Lesson)

2.06 – A Poem Only You can Write (English Lesson)

Writing poetry is a personal experience. Each author approaches a subject through their own lens. Even when trying to craft a narrative from an alternate perspective, the author's voice comes through as they craft each line, each stanza, each idea. Building from their knowledge of poetic devices, and different poem types students will step forward … Continue reading 2.06 – A Poem Only You can Write (English Lesson)