Gender Representation Lessons: Downloadable Resources

This page contains all the downloadable resources for the Teaching Gender Representation in the Media lessons.  While each lesson is a classroom-ready three part lesson, the various resources have all been collected in this location for teaching convenience.   Gender Lesson Resources All resources and lessons can be used for non-commercial classroom use.   THE TOY BOX … Continue reading Gender Representation Lessons: Downloadable Resources

Gender Representation in the Classroom: Final Thoughts

Gender representation is a serious issue that is constantly changing.  Each month brings new issues to the forefront; strong teachers will use current events to help shape their dynamic lessons. This lesson is part of a large mini-unit on Teaching Gender Representation in the Media.  It can be used as a stand-alone piece or part of … Continue reading Gender Representation in the Classroom: Final Thoughts

Student Vote in Canadian Classrooms

Student Vote allows students to learn about Canadian democracy by taking part in a mock election.  Through this initiative, students learn about the different parties in their local riding, while also walking through a realistic election process that will prepare them to cast their first official ballot when they read the age of maturity.   … Continue reading Student Vote in Canadian Classrooms