Digital Tools – Further Reading The various drop-down menus offer a wealth of Digital Literacy knowledge.  Under “Teaching Strategies” you can find helpful tips for bringing coding, multimedia digital storytelling, and more to your classroom.  It also has a section on how to deal with digital distractions in our modern classrooms. Uses: This website offers a plethora of … Continue reading Digital Tools – Further Reading

More Digitial Tools for Classrooms

Limiting digital tools to a top ten list leaves many great tools overlooked.  There are always more useful tools that have a place in the classroom.  Add your favourites to the comment section below. Inklewriter Learn More: Mr. Barltrop's Tutorial Inklewriter is the most straightforward Choose Your Own Adventure writer that currently exists.  From the moment … Continue reading More Digitial Tools for Classrooms

Top Ten Digital Tools for Classrooms (2018)

Pixton Learn More: Mr. Barltrop’s Tutorial Pixton is a graphic novel creation tool that allows students to choose from a library of characters, backgrounds, props, expressions, and poses. Students can create endless permutations on the characters, allowing them to express themselves as they see fit. Uses: By exploring the wide variety of lesson plans in … Continue reading Top Ten Digital Tools for Classrooms (2018)