It’s not Mark Inflation, it’s Grade Reframing: Marking Under Growing Success (Ontario Teachers)

Since September 2010, Ontario teachers have been working under the guidelines laid out by the document Growing Success. That document underlies all of our assessment and evaluation practices, among a number of other different topics. A lot has changed in the past decade, and while some talk about “mark inflation”, that might not actually be the case.  It’s not so much that marks have been inflated, but rather that levels (and as such, grades) have been reframed. But where do grades come from?  And what guides our professional judgement when determining it?

An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning: Video Lesson

This video will introduce you to the concepts, theory, and practical use of Universal Design for Learning. You will learn not only what Universal Design for Learning is, but how to implement it in your classroom today, right now! The video focuses on: Classroom DesignLesson DeliveryAssignment DesignAssessment & EvaluationProject Based Learning By teaching through a … Continue reading An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning: Video Lesson

Comic Book Assignment Package: Samurai Grandpa

These Comic Book Assignment Packages contain ASSIGNMENTS and HANDOUTS for each of the TEN KEY LITERACY SKILLS. They are arranged to be delivered to students in order to create and build upon strong foundational knowledge. Buy the Related Book Samurai Grandpaby Eastin DeVerna and Shawn Daley Understanding the Lessons Each lesson is arranged using Universal … Continue reading Comic Book Assignment Package: Samurai Grandpa