Grade 10 Applied Book List (Novels)

Grade Ten Applied students…

Are normally reading below grade level.  Texts for them should be high interest and cover a wide range of themes and genres.  Students can often read above their reading level when presented with familiar material.  These students should work with comfortable material that allows them to explore complex thematic issues while reinforcing key literacy skills.

Please be aware that students cannot demonstrate their literacy skills if they are unable to process and decode their text.

Learning to Swear in America

By: Katie Kennedy

Everything is Fine

By: Ann Dee Ellis

Son of the Mob

By: Gordon Korman

Tomorrow When the War Began

By: John Marsden

The Bite of the Mango

By: Marlatu Kamara

Divided We Fall

By: Trent Reedy

I’ll Meet You There

By: Heather Demetrios


By: Neal Shusterman

When Everything Feels Like the Movies

By: Raziel Reid

Add your own novel suggestions in the comments below.

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