Grade 12 Book List (Graphic Novels)

Graphic Novels…

have a place in the English Classroom.  When focusing on key literacy skills it doesn’t matter what sort of text students engage with.  Few teachers refuse to teach short stories because they’re “not real books” and yet that stigma exists when it comes to graphic novels.

While graphic novels can help struggling readers, by offering visual cues to help decode the text, they are also excellent texts to engage the most avid of readers.

Batman: The Dark Night Returns

By: Frank Millar


By: Gabriel Ba

DMZ: Volume 1

By: Brian Wood


By: Emmanuel Guibert

This One Summer

By: Mariko T Tamaki

Zahra’s Paradise

By: Amir and Khalil


By: Jim Zub

The Best We Could Do

By: Thi Bui


By: Craig Thompson

Add your own graphic novel suggestions, and tips for using graphic novels in the classroom, in the comments below.

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