Video Tutorial Series: ThingLink, the Digital Annotation Tool

ThingLink is a free online tool to digitally annotate images. There area wide variety of reasons for using ThingLink in your classroom, ranging from visualizing complex ideas, to streamlining presentations.

Here you will find a number of tutorials that walk you, step-by-step, through the tool. You will move from complete beginner to expert in less than ten minutes.

Feel free to like, share, and comment on any of the videos so that can work towards increasing its ability to help you help your students.


ThingLink: An Introduction for Beginners

This video will introduce you to ThingLink and help you learn how to upload an image, add digital pegs, and change their colour and sizes.  It will also show you how to save, and share your work with your students for easy presentations, and inclusion in Digital Classrooms.



ThingLink: Visualizing Point, Evidence, and Explanation

This video will show you how to use the basic ThingLink functionality to help students visualize their Point, Evidence, Evaluation – PEE – Paragraphs.



ThingLink: Analyzing with the Media Triangle

This video will help teachers use ThingLink in conjunction with The Media Triangle.  By annotating and colour coding all three sides of the triangle, students will be able to ensure they are using sufficient evidence when determining the meaning of a media text.  Using ThingLink also allows students to quickly, and beautifully, explain their choices to their teacher, or the entire class.

For a related assignment, please see Gender Lesson: Using the Media Triangle to Annotate Advertisements.



Comment about how you’ve successfully used ThingLink in your classroom!

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