One Warm Coat: A Practical Guide to Universal Design for Learning

For those looking to learn a little more about teaching, those who want to learn 95% of what it takes to be an excellent educator, I recommend you take a look at these three short articles. Once you understand and internalize these three concepts, you will be prepared to take on any challenge that is presented to you.

WARM Evaluations

WARM evaluations are evaluations that build upon the tenets of Universal Design for Learning, taking four key concepts into consideration during their design and implementation: Welcome student voice, Assessment opportunities, Repetition of skills, Marks into grades

The COAT Method

The COAT Method is a form of lesson planning that implements Universal Design to ensure students are provided opportunities to be: Crafting, On their feet, Actively listening, and Talking to each other.

The ONE Teacher

Everybody has that memory, the one where a teacher made a difference in their life.  Some people will never forget that teacher’s name, nor what that teacher did for them. The ONE teacher is: Open minded, Networking, and Engaged in student interests.

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