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Long gone are the days of teachers asking to borrow binders, and pulling multi-generation photocopies from clear plastic envelopes.

Here, I hope to help increase classroom engagement and student through the use of technology, project based learning, and unique high interest topics.

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Gender Representation in the Media: Complete Unit

Give your students a strong foundation in gender equity through project-based learning.




Grade Level Book Lists
Explore grade and level appropriate novel and graphic novel recommendations.

Point Evidence Explanation
Use the story Alligator Rive to teach PEE paragraph writing.

Literacy Skills Review
Review key literacy skills using X: A Fabulous Child’s Story.

The Media Triangle
Determine meaning through Text, Audience, and Creation.





Video Tutorials
Tutorial videos teach you how to incorporate the latest technology into your classroom.




Printable Tutorials
These tutorials can be printed for Professional Development sessions, and personal use.

Google Forms
Take yourself from beginner to crafting Self-Marking tests.

Choose Our Way Tales
Create stories with Twine 2, and convert them to Android apps.

Pixton Comic Creator
Create classroom media with pre-generated content.

Featured Posts



Literature Circles: An Introductory Guide
If you have ever thought about moving from the classroom novel to literature circles, but didn’t know where to begin, this is for you. Everything you need to know is included. This explains what literature circles are, suggests a variety of classroom texts for different grade and ability levels, and also includes all the handouts and assignments sheets you’ll need to successfully run literature circles in your classroom.