Pixton Comic Creator for Teachers

Pixton is an online comic creation website that you can use for a multitude of academic and personal projects.  It allows you to create characters, and set them in a variety of poses.  You can also add a number of different backgrounds, and props.  Finally, once you have set the stage, you can add text in speech or thought bubbles.

How do I access Pixton?

If you are an Ontario Teacher you can use Pixton for free!  It’s one of the many programs that is freely available through OSAPAC.

If you are from another board this guide will still be helpful, but you will need to change how you register for your account.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is direct your web browser to https://www.pixton.com/on
  2. Click on “Try Pixton Now”
  3. Under the top dropdown list, select your school board.
  4. Enter your work email address
  5. Click “SUBMIT”
  6. You will be asked to enter your “real name”. This name will be visible to everyone, including your students.  You may wish to use Mr. ___________ or Ms. ___________.
  7. Create a password for your account.

Alternately you can select “log in through Google” if you have a work GMail account.

  1. You may be sent a confirmation message to confirm your e-mail address. Click on the link within the e-mail.

You will now have a registered Pixton account.  Time to see what you can do with it!


Getting Started with Pixton

I suggest that you start by going through the tutorial you will most likely send your students through, the first time they use Pixton.

To access the guided log into Pixton, then click the pink HELP button in the bottom right, and select Guided Tour which is under the Guides heading.

To help familiaize yourself with the Pixton platform, you should work through “student questions” below, ensuring that you are aware of the features and functions of Pixton.

These questions will also help familiarize you with the Help menu, and the various layouts (such as Graphic Novel.  You will also see the mind map option while changing layouts.)


Student Questions

  1. What is the suggested Title Pixton asks you to create?
  2. If you search for “super hero” in the character box, what does the top left image look like?
  3. How do you change clothing, skin, and hair colours?
  4. If you search for “video game” in the background box, what is the top right image?
  5. What does it mean to “attach” and “detach” a speech bubble?
  6. What is the difference between a “pose” and an “expression”?
  7. What happens if you click on a panel and click the “. . . ” icon?
  8. What happens if you click on a panel and click the RED garbage can icon?
  9. If you want to insert a panel before one you have already created, what do you do? (Hint: blue button)
  10. Why might you use the ZOOM slider at the right of the panel?
  11. Click on the help button in the bottom right, and search for “change layout”.  How do you change your comic to Graphic Novel layout?
  12. Click on the help button in the bottom right, and search for “change panel size”.   Describe how you would make a panel twice the width of the default settings.
  13. Click on the Save and Submit button.  What activity, or activities, are listed in the dropdown menu?
  14. What does clicking the “remix” button allow?
  15. After submitting your comic, scroll to the bottom right.  You will see a “Share Link”.  What is yours?
  16. What is one additional thing you have discovered from the “Help” menu?


Next Steps

Now that we’ve learned the basics of Pixton, and gone through the tutorial we are ready to see how Pixton can be used in our classroom!



Part 1: Pixton Comic Creator for Teachers

Part 2: Pixton in the Classroom

Part 3: Assignments and Students in Pixton

Part 4: Using Lesson Plans in Pixton

Part 5: Pixton – Downloadable Resources



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