Gender Lesson: Using the Media Triangle to Annotate Advertisements

It's important that students know how to identify and name problematic messaging in the media they consume.  From Facebook to Twitter to Television and Websites, our students view hundreds of advertisements a day.  Having already seen how problematic messaging exists in the media we consume, in our past lesson, this lesson will arm our students … Continue reading Gender Lesson: Using the Media Triangle to Annotate Advertisements

Digital Tools – Further Reading The various drop-down menus offer a wealth of Digital Literacy knowledge.  Under “Teaching Strategies” you can find helpful tips for bringing coding, multimedia digital storytelling, and more to your classroom.  It also has a section on how to deal with digital distractions in our modern classrooms. Uses: This website offers a plethora of … Continue reading Digital Tools – Further Reading

More Digitial Tools for Classrooms

Limiting digital tools to a top ten list leaves many great tools overlooked.  There are always more useful tools that have a place in the classroom.  Add your favourites to the comment section below. Inklewriter Learn More: Mr. Barltrop's Tutorial Inklewriter is the most straightforward Choose Your Own Adventure writer that currently exists.  From the moment … Continue reading More Digitial Tools for Classrooms