Making Projects Meaningful: Creator Spotlights

When focusing on taking student work OUT OF THE CLASSROOM in an effort to make it meaningful, it’s important that students have an opportunity to hear from real-world creators who have gone through the creation process.

Learning that published creators don’t start that way, reaching those heights only by going through their own trials, is an important step on the student’s journey to discover they are no different than any other successful individual.

By presenting the following interviews to your students, they can seek similarities between different creators, highlighting the aspects they should prepare for or work around.

The Creators

Richard Ford Burley



Author, Actor, Podcaster

Anna Zhu

Photographer / Videographer

Adam Clare

Self-Published Author

Anne Douris


Jason Kunin

Videographer / Freelancer

First Steps

Type of Publication Projects

Creation and Publication Project

Creator Spotlights

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