Creator Spotlight: Adam Clare

Adam Clare – Self-Published Author | Unofficial Pokémon GO Tracker’s Guide | Escape the Game

1. Did you have / how did you overcome fears that you would fail when you started publishing your work?

Total fears around imposter syndrome and questions around who am I to say this? I actually find communicating via text to be a challenge, which cause massive confidence issues. I guess I overcame those fears by confronting them head-on.

2. What is one piece of advice you now rely on, but wish you knew before you started the process?

Get a good editor. I knew this before I started but I didn’t take the advice.

3. What is the most positive part of having your work in the public eye?

It makes me feel good. It’s a sense of accomplishment and knowing that I’ve helped some people make better escape rooms.

4. In what way has having your work in the public eye proved to be a negative?

A few people have noted that I need a good editor. Bad reviews always hurt a little.

5. What advice would you have for someone looking to get started publishing their work?

Just do it! The only barrier is yourself – you can always find time to write a little each day.   Before you start writing all the content KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY. The first thing I do is make an outline and ask people if they like that structure.

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