Comic Book Assignment Package: Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

Mouseguard Cover

These Comic Book Assignment Packages contain ASSIGNMENTS and HANDOUTS for each of the TEN KEY LITERACY SKILLS. They are arranged to be delivered to students in order to create and build upon strong foundational knowledge.

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Mouse Guard: Fall 1152
by David Petersen

Understanding the Lessons

Each lesson is arranged using Universal Design for Learning. Headings, combined with graphical representations, indicate the three key sections of each handout. There are:

💭 Things to Consider

  • These pieces instruct students, preparing them for the tasks ahead. Once they have considered the key details for each assignment, they will be able to successfully move forward.

⚠️ Learning Alerts

  • These alerts warn students that there are things they must ensure they consider before moving forward. Often times examples and exemplars will prepare students for their own tasks.

Written Engagements

  • These areas are sections where students directly engage with the handouts, filling in graphic organizers, or writing pieces to convey their learning.

Delightful Art

All of the Comic Book Assignment Packages include art, used with permission, from the related graphic novel. These details will grant students heightened understanding of their tasks. The familiar art will also keep them connected to the task at hand through visual engagement.

Reproduction Rights

The assignments within these packages may be copied and distributed for non-commercial educational purposes only.

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Comic Book Assignment Packages Requests

If you are are an independent creator, or affiliated with a Comic Book Publisher, please send an E-Mail with the subject line “Comic Book Request: [title]” for further information.

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