Magic the Gathering: Othello (The Complete Set)

Magic the Gathering can be used as a teaching tool to help reinforce key concepts with students. By using these cards, students will review key quotations, while coming to understand thematic connections to the text. To learn more about how Magic the Gathering can be used as a teaching tool, you can read the article Magic the Gathering in Education.

Magic the Gathering: Othello

The idea behind these cards was to give my students something they could use to study Shakespeare, without having to specifically study Shakespeare.  The cards try to highlight important quotations, characters, and moments from the play.  The images have been taken from the 1995 version of the film.

These cards were originally created 2011.

The Complete Set

Bonus Card

The Bard

The Bard was a Nickname given to Shakespeare. He is the author of some of the most influential texts in the English Language.

In the Game

The Bard is an Author card.

Author cards are similar to Text cards, however they require a cost to tap and use their ability.

This card allows a player to convert one book-mana into three Shakespeare-mana.

Keep Learning

To learn more about the game, as well as how the individual cards are meant to be used, feel free to view the small set pages below. Each card is explained in detail, and background information is provided, explaining why each card was important enough to be created in the first place.

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