Using Lesson Plans in Pixton

In the last part (Assignments and Students in Pixton) we learned how to create assignments and add students to our classroom.  In this section we will learn how to use Pixton’s built in lesson plans.

Using Lesson Plans

The library of lesson plans is one of the most exciting aspects of Pixton.  To see what options exist first click on Main Menu, and then select Lesson Plans.  You will be whisked away to a subject selection page.  From there you can either select an appropriate subject, or search by keywords.

If you want to see if there’s a lesson plan for the short story, The Lottery you could search for “The Lottery” in keywords.  Note that a number of lesson plans that use that keyword exist.  While not every short story will have a developed lesson plan, The Lottery does.

If you are a Math Teacher perhaps you’d want to click on the Math subject area.

Once you have selected a subject area, you can narrow the search by Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.

Find a lesson plan you think is useful, and click on it.

Part of a Lesson Plan

The lesson plans include multiple activities.  Specific props and characters can be associated with lesson plans.  They are also broken down into step by step instructions.

Note that each activity has a rubric.  By default you will view a condensed rubric, but by clicking  pixton-9 you will be able to view the fully expanded rubric for the assignment.

Note that you can add each individual activity to a group by pressing pixton-10.  This allows you to select all, or only part, of a lesson plan for your group.


Congratulations!  You are now ready to you Pixton with your class!


Next Steps

In the next part you can download the Student Handout and Teacher Handout for use in your classroom.


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